Checkin on one project triggers build of all projects

During our eval of Team City I set up multiple projects (independent VS 2010 solutions) hanging off of one VCS root.  Somethihg like this:



This worked fine. A checkin to Project1 only triggered Project1 and the same for Project2.

However, I've moved to MSSQL as the backing store and now when I check in a change to Project1, Project2 builds as well.
The change log for Project2 shows the changes from Project1.  The same happens on a checkin for Project2 (i.e. Project1 builds).

How can I decouple these builds?
There are no snapshot dependencies.   We're not using a Quiet Period and have no trigger rules and I've cleaned the .BuildServer\system\pluginData\customDataStorage directory.

Environment: TFS2010, VC2010, Team City 6.02, MSSQL 2008R2, W2K8 (32bit)

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It's highly inprobable that migration to another database have caused the issue you are describing.
Looks like a misconfiguraiton so far.
Can you please doublecheck all the VCS-related settings in TeamCity?

If nothing obvious is found, please post:
- settings of the VCS roots used in both projects
- checkout rules used in both projects
- a screenshot of the change log with the "wrong" changes
- a screenshotof the modified files of a wrong chnage
- description of how you expect it to work

(this is also posted as TW-15980)

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I'd rather not share the details of our VCS here as it's on a public server but both projects share the same VCS (TFS 2010)  and root.
Aside from the server/root/login specific details it's all Team City defaults.

We have no checkout rules.

I've attached a screenshot of the last build of the 2 can see they triggered because of the same change but only one of the projects actually contains/references the changed files.
The way I expect it to work is if I modify a file int eh TSR Clients solution (the only one in the TSR Clients Project), the only the TSR Clients Project should build.
But what happens is both our Server and Clients projects build.  They are completely seperate code bases.

I mention SQL server becuase during our eval we used exactly the same settings without any problem.  Since moving to SQL server we've run into a few thing all but this have resolutions on the forums.

Team City - 2 Projects.jpg
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If the VCS settings are all the sameTeamCity checks out the same sources for the projects.
Do you see any way to automatically checkout different files for the builds?

Seems, you should configure checkout rules to make each project contain only the relevant sources.

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That worked!

I'll incorporate this into our setup.



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