handle.exe has to be redeployed after an agent upgrade


I have noticed after an agent upgrade I need to redeploy the handle.exe using the handle url link below, otherwise we get a message like this at the top of our builds:

Disabling locking processes detection. Path to handle.exe tool is not defined. Use Swabra settings to install handle.exe

Handle Url

Any plans to fix this or suggestions?  I'm guessing if we don't use the handle url to deploy the handle.exe and instead put it in the path it will always be there but having teamcity handle deploying it is nice.


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Hello, Jason,

In TeamCity 6.0.x if you download or upload handle.exe using handle.html page it will be saved on server and automatically sent to agents during agent upgrade process (starts automatically in several minutes).

The executable will be lost only after server upgrade. This issue is fixed in TeamCity 6.5 http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-14660

If you're going to use handle.exe on a particular agent you can download  it manually on agent and set "handle.exe.path" pointing to handle.exe.

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The reason I ask this is when an agent is upgraded it loses the plugin install of handle.  Is there a way to ensure that anytime the server upgrades an agent that handle is copied in?  Is there someplace I can put the handle-provider.zip so that agents get this automatically?

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Losing plugin at the agent upgrade seems to be an issue.

Could you please save list of all files under <Build server home>/webapps/ROOT/update/plugins.
After getting the files list download handle.exe using handle.html and save all files under that folder again.
Than restart TeamCity server and save files list for the third time.
Provide us with the three folder snapshots and <Build server home>/logs/teamcity-server.log

Thank you.


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