Assemblies with 0 matching tests != ignored

We have a few build definitions that run different subsets of tests based on the categories they are in. This means that for some definitions the assemblies included in the path have no tests which match the category being used.
For some reason this is reported as the dll being an 'ignored' test. I don't consider this to be an ingored test, whilst I'm happy to see log someone that says 'this dll had no tests matching criteria' I don't want to see it counting as ignored because that has a very specific meaning in terms of nunit. Eg a test that was explicitly set to ignored for some reason.

Is this something that nunit is reporting to teamcity? is there any way (without dynamically figuring out which dlls not to use) to stop these from being reported as ignored?

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Hi Daniel

I tested that with TeamCity 6.0.3 and NUnit 2.5.9, and it works correctly - if no tests fit specified categories, then the assembly is not reported at all.
What results do you have if NUnit is launched externally without TeamCity?
What build runner do you use? Post screenshot of settings and a build log please.



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