"Target database settings file is not specified" with internal database?

Hello - I've created a backup of my TC configuration for transport to a new server.  When trying to restore the backup following the documentation, I end up with:

  Backup created by TeamCity version:
        Version: 6.0.3
        Build number: 15925
        Data format version: 418
  Cannot proceed with 'restore' command: Target database settings file is not specified.
  Critical error has occurred during command execution.

I'm using the internal database on both systems.  I've tried creating a backup on the command line using maintainDB as well, with the same restore results.  Here's my command line for the restore:

  C> maintainDB.cmd restore -A ..\.BuildServer -F TeamCity_Backup_20110407_004432.zip

Any hints on what I'm missing (and which part of the documentation I should have been reading!) would be most helpful.  Thank you in advance!

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Ah, it turns out I must specify a database file, and in this case I can specify the default HSQLDB file:

  C> maintainDB.cmd ...... -T ..\.BuildServer\config\database.hsqldb.properties.dist

That got it going.


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