Trying to integrate with SourceGear Vault


Tried to set up TeamCity 6.0.3 today and integrate with SourceGear Vault 4.0.6.
I get up to entering the server url and get this error:

"Exception occurred while trying to connect to Vault server. See original message below:
The server uses a protocol that is not supported by this client."

The URL is:


The only posts I can find relating to this, are trying to use SSL...I'm not =/

So any ideas? Or any other info I can supply?

Obviously, I can reach the URL in a browser...

Any help appreciated :)


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Hello, Roger,

Where do you get this error? What does "Test connection" dialog say?

Please make sure that the Vault Java API jars from Java Command Line Client have the same version that your Vault server.

Please also attach TeamCity server logs (


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