The personal build patches allied to HEAD instead of my current revision

When I first read about personal builds, I assumed the command line tool sends the revision plus the changes I've made to the server. However, now that I'm actually starting to use personal builds, I see that only my changes are sent to server. The server then checks out the latest code and applies the patches to that. Clearly, the result can be very different from my local state. This seem ok if I'm trying to test my changes right before I'm about to commit. However, when I faced with making changes across the whole project, I'm often make gradual changes and want to run all the tests to see the progress I'm making (i want to run tests on TC because they take very long time to run on my local machine). So I need to run the tests on the same revision as I'm using. Having to deal with upgrading to the lastest before running my tests forces me to deal with problem I am not ready to deal with.

Is there any way to force TC to run personal builds on a given revision?

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Hi Paul

Please vote for TW-4537 request.



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