Custom graphs with multiple datapoints for each checkbox


Is it possible to create a custom graph where multiple datapoints can be shown or hidden by toggling a single checkbox?

This is what we use currently, this creates 3 seperate graphs for displaying the max/min/avg FPS for each build agent but what we want is to display all 3 datapoints associated with a single checkbox for each build agent.

<graph title="PC Max FPS" defaultFilters="" hideFilters="" seriesTitle="Max FPS">
      <valueType key="MaxFPSKeySANDBOX1" title="SANDBOX1 Max FPS" buildTypeId="bt15" />
      <valueType key="MaxFPSKeySANDBOX2" title="SANDBOX2 Max FPS" /> 
      <valueType key="MaxFPSKeySANDBOX3" title="SANDBOX3 Max FPS" /> 
 <graph title="PC Avg FPS" defaultFilters="" hideFilters="" seriesTitle="Avg FPS">
      <valueType key="AvgFPSKeySANDBOX1" title="SANDBOX1 Avg FPS" buildTypeId="bt15" />
      <valueType key="AvgFPSKeySANDBOX2" title="SANDBOX2 Avg FPS" />
      <valueType key="AvgFPSKeySANDBOX3" title="SANDBOX3 Avg FPS" />
 <graph title="PC Min FPS" defaultFilters="" hideFilters="" seriesTitle="Min FPS">
      <valueType key="MinFPSKeySANDBOX1" title="SANDBOX1 Min FPS" buildTypeId="bt15" />
      <valueType key="MinFPSKeySANDBOX2" title="SANDBOX2 Min FPS" />
      <valueType key="MinFPSKeySANDBOX3" title="SANDBOX3 Min FPS" />

I've tried associating multiple keys to a single title name, but that doesen't work.


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