Getting all affected VCS revisions

Hi TeamCity community,

I'm currently building a custom MSBuild Task which will handle commiting artifacts to Subversion after successful build.
My problem is that the Task must be aware of all affected revisions in a build.
It seems to me that the only VCS revision which can be obtained from properties is the highest revision of the VCS root, using %build.vcs.number% (I assume it's HEAD of the VCS root at the time of the build).
I've also tried the, but when doing 2 commits on the same file (first "add", then "change"), the specific file only showed up once with the "add" action/revision, the second revision ("change") was not displayed.

In TC UI I can see all changes made in VCS for a specific build, either after a successful build on the "Changes" page, or under "Pending changes" before a build is started (e.g. 8 revisions, their respective messages and changed files).
I need to get this information to my MSBuild Task, as this information should be part of the message when I commit the artifacts, as well as in a "ticket" created by the task in a third-party system.

The minimum information required is all the revisions included in a build (from that info I could extract log messages and changed files myself if necessary), although all information would be greatly appriciated (rev's, files, messages, actions/per file etc; the information displayed in the "Changes" page).

Is this possible, if so, how??
If not, does anyone have a workaround for my request, or could this be added as a feature request??

Best regards

Mattias Jansson

PS: Currently using TeamCity Professional 6.0.2 (build 15857)

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Hi Mattias

You can obtain this info via our REST API
Take a look at this thread:


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Thank you very much, never thought of that approach :p
That will work, I'm now in the process of extending with functionality to get changes, and use that lib in my MSBuild task



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