Teamcity stoped triggering builds on commit


Recently I've encountered a problem of teamcity not triggering builds when a commit is performed (we're using SVN).

On the build page I can see nicely that the build was picked up (it is "pending"), but nothing happens.

The rule for build trigger i'm using is:


In the log, though, there's a new warn message

[2011-04-15 11:43:04,605]   WARN -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Failed to load finished build instance: Cannot find build promotion with ID 0

And it shows up every time a new commit is in (3 times), so I think this might be connected - couldn't find anything on google about it (except for some old youtrack issues, i cannot acces...).

Any idea what might be the cause ?

Tomek Sz.

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Is it possible to reproduce this issue and attach here all server logs? Also please provide version of TeamCity you are using.


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