command line build runner environment

I'm having a problem similar to already posted discussions - I have a makefile that performs a build on the build agent successfully, but the same build executed from the build runner fails. I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on how the build runner spawns a shell to perform a build so I can figure out what the differences in the execution environments are.

Build Agent: Linux armbuild 2.6.35-22-server #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:48:58 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
TeamCity: Professional 5.1.2 (build 13430)

In particular I'm trying to compile the Apache Portable Runtime and the APR Utils. When built from with TeamCity apr-util configure script fails to find memmove which causes the compilation to fail. When built manually on the same directory in the same machine (after cleaning), apr-utils is able to find memmove and compile successfully.

Attached are outputs from the build agent log (fails) and the local build log (successful).

I thank you in advance.

Corey Donicz


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