Email notifications does not work

Hi all, I am using TeamCity 5.1.2 and I wanted to modify email\common.ftl template. I did it before without problems. But now I did some changes in that files and no emails after a build are sent out since that. There are no errors / warnigs in notification log file. I even copied the *.dist over *.ftl files, but still without effect. Do you have any idea what can be wrong? Email connections works.  Thanks for help.

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Could you post teamcity-notifications.log file please.


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Hi Michael,

I have attached  teamcity-notifications.log file, but there are no visible problems inside. It is strange, if there is some problem in the email notifications template files, it should be reported in this log, shouldn't it?
It worked like that before (as you can find in that file), but not now.

I have also found out, that email notifier is paused after I restart team city webserver (maybe because of the problem in the templates). It is similar to this problem:

I have turned it on, and copied dist template files over modified ones but with the same result, emails are not sent.

Thanks for help.


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Hi Tomas

Sorry for late reply.

Most probably notifications stuck in paused mode due to bug TW-14484. We fixed it in version 6.0, but last comment explains how to change it manually.

Lack of log messages for template errors is another issue. Could you please post an example of your modified template, and also enable debeg mode for teamcity-notifications.log



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