Synchronizing Multiple Copies of the Same Project for Branch Development

In our team we do all new development in topic or feature branches and, once builds and tests are green on TeamCity, we merge these changes back to trunk.  The problem we often encounter is that someone creates a new feature that requires a new build configuration to be added, or a configuration to be deleted, or some setting in a configuration to be changed, and this change needs to be populated to all of the copies of the trunk project on TeamCity that point to the different branches.  We have not found any nice way to handle this situation, but maybe we are looking in the wrong area.

I know there is a "Template" option, but as far as I can tell, this only applies to build configurations, not for entire projects.  We need something like this for projects, where we can modify the trunk project and say "Apply to all copies of this project".  Does such a feature already exist?  I know the XML can be edited by hand or by an external program, but the configuration file for a project contains references to build configuration numbers that are specific for that project, so it doesn't seem like it would be easy to write something external to do this ourselves.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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For upcoming version 6.5 we're developing two features related to branches - Remote run on changes in branches and Parameter references in VCS roots.
You can see them already in EAP build.

Let us know how well do them fit your needs.



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