Odd Project Cannot Be Loaded Warning Message

Currently when I log into teamcity I get the following.

Critical error in configuration file C:\.BuildServer\config\Trunk\project-config.xml:
Project "SomeProject" cannot be loaded since another project with name "SomeOtherProject" with same id is already loaded. This could happen if project configuration files were modified manually. Please ensure that all of the projects ids used in the project configuration files are unique.
How do I correct this issue?
Thank You,
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Hi Aeden

Was the second project copied actually? Manually or by Web UI?

If they are just duplicates then delete one of folders by removing <TeamCity Data Directory>\config\SomeProject\ or <TeamCity Data Directory>\config\SomeOtherProject\

If both shuld be preserved, then manual modification of TeamCity configs is required. But to provide you correct procedure, I need to better understand how these projects were created.


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Thanks Michael. Simply deleting the folder solved my problem.


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