Preserve "Changes (*)" in Chain Build (Artifact Dependency)


In a simplified scenario where you have two build configurations -- doA and doB.

DoA is triggered by a VCS change, runs and generates an artifact (a zip file) and has a nice listings of all the VCS changes (commiters, messages, files, etc) included in to this build available for everyone via the TeamCity UI frontpage.

DoB configuration is triggered by successful completion of doA and has an artifact dependency on it. It takes the zip file, extracts it and performs a longer operation.

I wonder if anyone would know if it is at all possible to somehow transfer that list of changes from the original doA build that generated the zip file and provide it to users in a similar way, i.e. frontpage drop down against doB build config of what VCS changes are included into this particular doB build via the doA zip?

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We have feature requiest for this in TW-2576, please vote.



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