Where Is The Code Coverage View For IDEA?

The eclipse plugin has a Code Coverage view that highlights the source based on the server side code coverage data.
I can't seem to find the same view in the IDEA plugin.

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Assuming you're using latest TC/IDEA, you can get it to display using

Analyze > Show Code Coverage Data

...picking the approprate build configuration from your server.

I've personally found it a bit dodgy though; i.e displaying code coverage data that does not match the state of the source code, even though everything is in sync. When it works though, it's very nice.

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OK. I see now why it is there - thats the menu where you would run the code coverage locally from.
I think it needs to be duplicated in the TeamCity menu though as clearly the Analyse menu is not the place that everybody looks for it.

Seems like I'm not the only one confused by this either:

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Agreed. It took me a year of commercial IntelliJ + TC usage to notice it, and I just stumbled across it. Looks like it'll be in 6.5, so that's good :)


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