Creating JavaDocs

I have an ant task that creates my javadocs.
How do I use TeamCity to publish them in the same place every time a build is run so that I have a fixed url to point people to?

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I tried the following in the build artifacts  but nothing happened and there was nothing in the log to suggest that anything had tried to happen.
What is wrong with this?

build/javadoc/ => /opt/app/builder/tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.29/webapps/application/

I am trying to copy the whole javadoc folder so it is availalable at

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Although I seem to be putting a full path in the pattern, it is still relative to the artifacts directory.
i.e. it ends up here:


Instead of here:


Can TeamCity put artifacts outside the .BuildServer directory?

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These redirection rules are not related to agent's file system, but used to organize files on TeamCity server side.

At the moment TeamCity cannot publish artifacts to external location (TW-1558).
But you can copy them as additional Ant task right within your build script.



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