TC Plugin - Hourglass remains when "Commit To Subversion"

We are using pre-tested commit (Remote Run) with the option "Commit  after build(s) finish only if builds are successfull". The problem is,  that first the pre-tested commit works (build was successfull) and then  the changes are commited to svn and the process is finished. Everybody  can sync the new changes - to far so good. But the hourglass next to  "Commit to Subversion" is still there and if I look at the TC  web-interface, the "Pensing Changes" list has a new item - the last  changes. So with every new pre-tested commit, the pending changes list  grows up.

I could imagine that this is maybe a problem with the  difference between personal builds and "normal" builds? So the only  chance for me is to make 2 builds every time - first the pre-tested  commit (personal build), then the svn-commit, then a vcs-triggered  "normal" build. is this right? any ideas for a better solution?

IntelliJ 10.0.3
Teamcity 6.0.2
TC-Plugin 15857


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Hi Florian

In simplest case - yes, the second build does the same job. But personal builds can be started with different parameters, and can be performed over different set of configurations.
Running additional build allows to test state of sources you actually have in the repository.



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