Getting fxcop and coveragereport into build artifacts via artifact paths

i'm trying to get the fxCop result xml and coveragereport.xml to publish to the artifacts after build.

the following is what I have now,*/fxcop-result.xml => BuildLog/FxCop*ncover/CoverageReport.xml => BuildLog/Coverage

but the result directory has the following format

BuildLog --> Coverage --> teamcity8681981431807223307ncover --> CoverageReport.xml
BuildLog --> FxCop --> fxcop-output-3810116228914218788 --> fxcop-result.xml

I am curious what should I do to make it like the following without the containing folder structure.

BuildLog --> Coverage --> CoverageReport.xml
BuildLog --> FxCop --> fxcop-result.xml

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I believe they should be published automatically.
Do you have any problems with it, or want to move them in another directory?


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the fxcop is published already that's correct, but not the coveragereport.xml. I am looking for the original coveragereport.xml not the generated HTML report.

I am also looking for thea way to publish the nunit result, the original xml file as well. Currently i have to get it from the generated cvs file.



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