How to access teamcity from a computer other than the one on which it is installed?

Hello everybody,

TeamCity is actually installed on a computer (with this IP adress:, and I can access TC with a browser only when I am on the computer on which TC is installed.

When I try to connect to TC with another computer of the network, I can't connect to it.

Of course, I can't too, when I try from another computer through internet, using the public IP adress from my network on internet, with a port redirection to on the port 8080.

I have other tools on this computer I use through a browser as well (SABNZBD, Subsonic, for example), and I can use these tools from my personnal network, as well from a remote computer.

I couldn't find any useful info in the docs, and with some googling.

How could I achieve that?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Michael

Most probably the network connections are blocked by a firewall.

In Windows you'll need to add a rule to allow incomming traffic to \TeamCity\bin\tomcat6.exe process.
Build agents also need to recieve connections from the server, so after installing additional agents on remote machines, allow a traffic to \BuildAgent\jre\bin\java.exe.

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Thank you, this was that :)


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