Teamcity won't detect new changes in svn

We have been fighting an issue since Teamcity 6 where we will have a working build configuration tied to a svn repository no problem. It will detect our checkins and build appropriately. It will then (seemingly at random) stop detecting new changes and will be stuck at a particular revision (even though svn log clearly shows newer revisions). We have found that this has something to do with the way we are expressing our checkout rules.

Our vcs root looks like this:

Checkout rules:


These checkout rules let us use the project name to specify branch (so we can clone projects and point it with just changing the name). We can get it to start detecting checkins again by adding an additional more specific set of checkout rules:


I'm not sure if this is a bug, or something in the way we are configuring our projects. Considering that it goes from working to not working, I'm leaning towards bug :).

Has anyone run into this before? I couldn't find any references to it in the bug tracker. I've tried turning on various logging options but haven't been able to glean anything useful.

Mark Huber

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Hello Mark,

   Could you probably enable debug logging for VCS, spot a specific case when a change wasn't detected, and describe it in detail + attach debug logs?
   So we could find out which change and when wasn't detected.

  Also, if you use svn:externals to other repositories, make sure that TeamCity time and SVN server time is synchronized.



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