When is a setting propagated from the project to a configuration?


I have a bunch of projects which has a few project variables. When I copy the project, including it's configurations, it seems the values are 'hardcoded' into the configurations, and changing the values in the project tab, does not propagate to the new configurations. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, as I can't find the expected behaviour documented anywhere.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create project with project variables
2) create a configuration which inherits the project variable
3) Copy the project created in (1)
4) Change the project variable in new project (3).
5) Observe that the configuration's value still has the same as that of the project in (1). Clicking 'reset' will bring it to the (imo) correct value.


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Hi Johan

Thank you for report, I've created TW-17114 issue. Please subscribe to its status updates.



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