Defining environmental variables

I am a new TeamCity user, so please forgive me if I am asking something obvious.

1.  I know I can add/edit/delete environmental variables via the web interface.  Do they get stored in some config file that I have access to?  If I am making a new instance of TeamCity, can I just copy that config file or do I have to create all the environmental variables manually via the web interface?

2.  As a follow-up to the above, is there a way to add/edit/delete environmental variables from the linux command line instead of using the web interface?


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Hi Maria, and welcome to TeamCity!

They are stored within project-config.xml files inside data directory. You can edit or add these properties directly on disk - the server monitors file updates and reloads them automatically.
Also take a look at Create a copy of TeamCity server with all data article, probably it covers your case.


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By the way, take a look at Other Ways to Define Build Parameters page.
You can store them in a file under version control, or in settings of specific build agent.


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