Syncing of working directories across build agents?

Hello all,

We are having a very strange issue where it seems that after a seemingly arbitrary amount of time a file from one of our build agents gets copied to another.

I will try to illustrate the example:

Both build agents are building the same configuration, so they share a working directory name:


During our build proccess, we generate a file LatestDate.txt in the root of the working directory.
The build runs on BuildAgent1, and the file appears correctly in the root of c:\BuildAgent1\work\235235bf39523e353

Some amount of time later, the same exact file (with the same timestamp) appears in the root of the other build agent c:\BuildAgent2\work\235235bf39523e353

We do not have any scheduled tasks copying the files or anything like that.

Any thoughts?


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Hi Tom

It sounds really strange.
I would suggest to get Sysinternals procmon tool, and monitor for changes in c:\BuildAgent2\work\235235bf39523e353\LatestDate.txt
You will see when exactly the file is created, and what process does that.

Knowing that it will be more clear what logs to investigate next.



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