Report build errors via Service Message to notifications

I wrote custom tool and it runs during build process. Communication with TC performed via Service Messages. In build log everything is fine and build status is captured as well:
##teamcity[buildStatus status='FAILURE' text='My check failed']

As a result I have email notification with text
Build ABC #NNN failed (my check failed)

But I don't see a list of errors reported in the log in email notification. For example when compilation fails I can see errors from compiler in the notification.

I have error reporting like this now:
##teamcity[message text='some error' status='ERROR']

How could I get text "some error" to the email notification?


P.S. TC version is 6.0.3 (build 15925)

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Hi Ivan,

Please vote for a request
Also in you can find a sample that you can try right now to include the messages in the email body.


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Thanks a lot for quick reply, this workaround works well for me.

It's a pleasure to ask for JetBrains support :)


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