Migrating data and project settings from HSQLDB to Mysql on Teamcity 6

We are using teamcity 6 with hsqldb and we want to move to mysql. When we tried the suggested migrateDb tool, the migration completed successfully after a long time and even copied the mysql properties config file to the right location. But on restarting the server, none of the existing projects appeared, though the users/group information and license information are carried over to mysql.

We were wondering is there a way to migrate everything including the project settings?

[Edit] Teamcity build: TeamCity Enterprise 6.0.3 (build 15925)


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Of course all the data should be preserved.
Technically, TeamCity stores its configuration in two locations - in SQL and in <TeamCity Data Directory>/config.
Project and build configuration settings are the parts stored on disk.

Probably your server wasn't able to locate data directory correctly, so project settings are unavailable.
Please check teamcity-server.log, there should be a message on startup like

[2011-05-26 16:19:04,722]   INFO -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - TeamCity data directory: C:\TeamCity\.BuildServer

Does it point to correct location?

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We have the data maintained in a custom directory (not ~/.BuildServer).
Everything worked fine on upgrading to Teamcity 6.5.

Previously, when tried with Teamcity 6.0.3, the data directory was pointing to the right location though.



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