TeamCity always fails to clear temporary directory

At the start of every build TeamCity always logs the following:

[09:54:55]: Checking for changes
[09:54:58]: Clean build enabled: removing old files from E:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\Work\e44ad1e9ea263f29
[09:54:58]: Clearing temporary directory: E:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\Temp\buildTmp
[09:54:58]: Failed to delete empty directory: E:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\Temp\buildTmp

Can this problem be ignore or should it be investigated?


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Hi Alex

This error itself is harmless.
At each build start the agent deletes and re-creates this folder, but by some reason deletion failed. Most probably some other process was keeping it opened. You can use handle.exe to find it.
The message can be ignored until you have additional errors in the build log.



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