Disable/remove plugins?

Teamcity ships with an impressive number of plugins. We only use a couple of them and the rest are just noise. I tried deleting a bunch (mostly VCS that we're not using) to see what would happens. I was surprised to see CVS, etc still in the drop downs within the admin screens.

Is there a way to remove or disable plugins so that they're not loaded and there's no trace of them in the teamcity UI?


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It's not supported out of the box yet. Here is a feature request to vote: TW-11562.
Plugins are stored in \TeamCity\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\plugins\ (not in \ROOT\plugins\). You can try to remove some of them, but keep in mind:

  • Part of them are stored as zip-files, some as subdirectories. .unpacked directory can be ignorred - it's recreated dynamically at each server startup.
  • Some plugins have interdependencies. They are not docummented, and can be figured out by investigating errors in logs only.
  • After each upgrade it has to be done again.
  • It's not supported officially. You're doing it at your own risk. Later we may ask you to reproduce issues in original environment to troubleshoot them.

Here is another solution with fake plugins that helps with upgrade step.



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