Project Level Changes in Notifications


With email notifications or notification templates in general, is it possible to get the changes at a project level?  We have a long build change where only the first step tracks the changes.  From that we have an email on any error and also an email set when the last step completes.  It looks like "var.buildChanges" is only for the step for which the notification was generated.

Is it possible to get the project level changes?


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Hi John,

There is no feature out of the box (please vote for which covers the case, if I understand it correctly).
But it is possible to get all the data you need in the notification template. Please take a look at the methods:
- SBuild.getBuildPromotion().getArtifactDependencies()
- SBuild.getBuildPromotion().getDependencies()

You can iterate over the dependent builds in your email template and get the changes for all of them, thus composing the full picture.



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