Mercurial checkout rules and automatic clean checkout

Out build structure consists of a numer of repositories all under a single folder.  There are a few common respoitores that other repoistories depend on but these other repositoes can be built on there own.  I have a single project with a build for each repository.  Each build uses the same folder and a different VCSRoot with a checkout rule to put the repository in the correct lcoation.  This works ok but I am running into the following 'Automatic Clean Checkout' situation as on

- The previous build in this directory was of a build configuration with  different VCS settings (can only occur if the same checkout directory is  specified for several build configurations with individual VCS settings  and VCS Roots)

I would prefer not to have this behaviour as it is not required due to the checkout rules (these may actually be better placed on the mercurial VCSRoot pages, but that is a different matter).

It would be great if this was somehow modelled.  For the moment I am getting teamcity to not do the checkout and doing it myself as a build step.  Other options I have played with are to use a different checkout folder and then get the chekout rules to naviagate relativley to the common project directory.

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I need to better understand your scenario to help.
You have specified checkout directory setting, and set it to the same value in all configurations.
Why do you need this? Can you leave this setting blank and allow TeamCity to choose directories automatically?



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