How do I make a TeamCity project "relate" to an IDEA project?

I'm trying to set up TeamCity and IDEA s that I can do remote runs from IDEA. I have my project opened in IDEA and I have the project set up in TeamCity. However, the plugin says:

1 project was filtered out as not related to the current IDEA project

Any ideas how I can coax IDEA and TeamCity to realize that the projects are indeed "related" (whatever that means) and that it should let me start to use it for remote runs?

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The plugin matches working copy with compatible build configurations by used VCS roots.
Could you list current settings for working copy root in IDEA, and VCS root settings in TeamCity


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TeamCity is using the following VCS Root, which I confirmed by clicking on a recent build, going to the "Build Parameter" tab, and looking at the "vcsroot.repositoryPath" configuration parameter.

IDEA doesn't appear to have any mechanism for telling me what it thinks the VCS URL is, but this confirms that it's the same URL

[~/code/core]$ cat .hg/hgrc
default =

Any ideas how I can further debug?
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Hi Pat

I see you're using Mercirial as VCS. Unfortunately we do not support Remote runs (personal builds) for Mercurial directly.
But in version 6.5  we added an ability to antomatically run personal builds by commits to feature branches.
Remote run on changes in DVCS branches

Check it out.


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That was actually my entire point of trying out TeamCity - the personal builds on branches. But I was also hoping to show off to my coworkers how TeamCity integrates in to the IDE. Even if personal builds from IDEA with Mercurial aren't possible yet (any ETA on that?), I was still hoping to at least be able to see build status and kick off builds for the projects that I have open. I guess that's not possible with the way the fitlering works (unless I View All)?

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How to do this with git?


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