Setting (Agent) properties

As far as I've been able to tell, the only way to add custom (agent) properties is through the conf/ File.

While changes to the file are properly picked up a few moments after changing it, I've been wondering why it is that these properties can only be set by manually editing this file.

If I have multiple agents, the "natural" way for me would have been to manage all stuff like local paths etc. through agent properties (lots better that mesing around with environment variables, IMHO).
So it would really be quite an "obvious" feature to be able to centrally manage these properties via the Webinterface.

So, since the Webinterface does not allow me to manage the properties (only to view them), I though I might be missing something -- that is, that my wish to be able to fully manage/edit these properties via the web interface is the result of me misunderstanding some usage pattern for TeamCity.

thanks for any input,

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Hi Martin

You can add this feature request to our tracker.
Real examples would be very helpful - how many properties do you have, how do they look like, how many agents, etc.


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Michael - thanks.

This question is really kind of related to this: Autodetection of additional Configuration Parameters for Agent(s)

-- because most of the stuff I could imagine adding to agent properties would better be auto-detected on the agents anyway

But again, to get back to my sub-question here: Does the wish to configure (additional) properties via the webinterface even make sense?


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You're the customer :)
If you have a business goal that's not covered by our current feature set - then it does make sense.

But maybe I can suggest alternate solutions, if you provide some specific examples.



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