Help needed in ensuring artifact paths are correct.


I am new to teamcity and I am trying to ensure that my artifact paths are correct.

My Aim

For each project, upload reports to the server. Diff projects = diff reports. I want them to sit in the Teamcity

install dir, but under the name of the project and the name of the tool that is run e.g. NCover).

Steps Taken

C:\Builds\ThePlaygrounds\Drops\Acunetix => ThePlaygrounds\Acunetix
C:\Builds\ThePlaygrounds\Drops\NCover => ThePlaygrounds\NCover
C:\Builds\ThePlaygrounds\Drops\WCSA=> ThePlaygrounds\WCSA
C:\Builds\ThePlaygrounds\Drops\NDepend=> ThePlaygrounds\NDepend

Is this correct? This is specified in artifact paths, and I have made report tabs like so, in the project tab's

report tabs section.

/The Playgrounds\Acunetix
index.html (this is the main page the report generates)

Likewise, I do the same for all the other projects.

Also, why would I use the report tabs setting in server configuration? Is that if all of the projects emit the same reports?


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Artifact paths should be relative to your checkout directory.

Report settings can be project-wide and server-wide, see details at Including Third-Party Reports in the Build Results.


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My colleagues corrected me that absolute paths are supported technically in "from" part of the rule.
But we do not recommend to use them, as it make harder to manage the build when it runs on different agents.



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