Templates and dotCover no longer working in 6.5.1

Over the weekend I upgraded our TC server from 6 to 6.5.1.
The one issue that I've come across is that we have a number (11) builds running off a build template, and these will no longer run. The issues is that there is a new warning with the dotCover filters that conflicts with the use of parameters. Previous we had parameter for the filter within the template and then would fill that paramater with something like:

This all worked in version 6.
With 6.5.1, All agents are marked as incompatable with the following explanation:
Missing or invalid build configuration parameters:

  • dotNetCoverage.dotCover.filters: All filter rules should start with +: or -:

It appears to be looking not at the actuall value of the parameter, which does comply, but possible at the name of the parameter.

Is there any way around this without having to detach the build from the template?

OS: Windows server 2008
TC version: Enterprise 6.5 (build 17795)


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Eugene, from JB, pointed out that I had in fact only updated to 6.5 and that updating to 6.5.1 would fix the issue. I updated to 6.5.1 and it did indeed fix the issue.

Thanks Eugene for the quick response.



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