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I've upgraded my TeamCity from 5.0.3 to 6.0.  Everything looks good, however when I was installing buildAgents, I've noticed that I am allowed to have only 3 of them.  Isn't that a limitation of a free license?  I thought enterprise license allows unlimited buildAgents.  According to the License page, my license type is "TeamCity 5.1 Enterprise".  I don't actually need more than 3 buildAgents.  I am just worried if something might have went wrong with my license during the upgrade and it now functions as a free license restricting other features.  Is there any way to confirm for sure that I still have the Enterprise features?

Thank you!

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Hi Maria

Enterprise license gives unlimited number of build configurations.
Both Professional and Enterprise editions include three build agents. Additional agents can be licensed separatelly.
You can find details at Licensing and Pricing page.



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