How do I tell Build Agent which build runners is has available?

I have a bit of a complicated problem. I work for a corporate, and I'm using a cluster of PCs as build servers. Some wise guy has installed anti-virus software on them, and (I assume) this is causing TeamCity Build Agents to fail to install correctly. They cycle between connected and disconnected. Upon examining the plugins folder, it is mostly empty.

I have copied the plugins across from the server, and unzipped them all in the plugin folder. However, when I look at the "Build runners" web page, it only shows the following:

I've done some digging around, but I can't see anywhere I can define the list of available Build runners.

Does anyone have a clue how to do this manually? Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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I thought I'd pasted an image of the "Build runners" page, but it wasn't saved.

Here's the textual output =>

This agent supports the following build runners:

  • Command Line: Simple command execution
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TeamCity server needs to open network connection to its agents, recheck that ports are opened on all machines.

Please post an example of teamcity-agent.log and upgrade.log from such problem machine.


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I've fixed the problem now. The ports were open both ways (Server <==> Build Agent).

I managed to stop the anti-virus software while I uninstalled and re-installed the TeamCity Build Agent, which went fine.

The anti-virus app started up again, but caused no further problems.

Thanks for being willing to help me!


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