How to detect assemblies without any Test Fixture


Not sure if this goes under a TeamCity or dotCover discussion group, but here goes. We have a project on teamcity 6.5.2 (build 17935) and have a build step that runs nunit 2.5.9 on all assemblies that have the word test in the filename. We also have .Net code coverage setup using the packaged dotCover that comes with Teamcity. In the Assemblies filters we have the following:


This is to remove coverage of some of Microsofts generated code.

But anyways, I would like it so that if a developer addes a new assembly to the project that does not have a corresponding test fixture that the code coverage would show that assembly as not being covered. Currently the assembly is only showing up if at least one class in the assembly is called from a test fixture.

Do I just have this project build step mis-configured? Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.


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Since I have not had any responses I will try posting over on the dotCover discussions.



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