Change in TC behaviour

I have noticed a change in behaviour when clicking run on a build configuration. previously I would start off a couple of unrelated builds at the same time so the revision numbers passed in by the build matched (OCD). There is no reason other than it being easier to type one rev number rather than three or four. I have noticed recently that kicking off a build (when no changes have been mode) produces a build number that remains the same as the last collected changes. So I am left huddling in the corner clutching my security blanket as I can't make the revision numbers match.

I realise that I can place snapshot dependancies on the build to emulate this behaviour but as the builds are not technically related this is not a good solution.

One potential reason for this behaviour change (so I have read elsewhere in the forum) is due to the fact I am now doing checkout on agent (so I can use VCS functions in java manifest generation). Also I have recently upgraded to teamcity 6.5, but I am less likely to believe that this is the cause.

Is there any reason for this difference in behaviour (especially if it is due to using checkout on agent)?

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