How do I cancel enforce clean checkout on an agent

I am using git, and for some reason I had a problem with some files getting "stuck" in an old version. So I went ahead and did an "enforce clean checkout" on the agent and this resolved the problem. However, now each build does a clean checkout every time. I really wanted that as a one time condition to fix the broken build. Now I cannot find a way to remove the condition, so that "enforce clean checkout" is no longer in effect for this agent...

What am I missing?

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Hello Arnon,

Enforce clean checkout is a one-time action (per agent). I.e. if you have a successfully checked out build on a agent after the "enforce clean checkout" command,
subsequent checkouts on this agent should be incremental.

In the beginning of the build log TeamCity writes the reason of the "clean checkout" operation.

May be, you've specified "clean checkout" option in the build configuration settings?


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I have to say that the whole thing about the checkout rules, where they are and everything is somewhat confusing and scattered in several places.
To start with it was unclear (and frankly still unclear) why the the original problem happened, where the checkout seems to have skipped several files. Then it took several tries to get it to checkou clean (it only finally worked when I did a foce clean checkout on the agent), and by then the configuration was touched in several places.

I hope that in the future it would become better organized and more transparent why the system does what it does.

Thanks for the help.

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Please let us know if files are skipped again, we'll try to find its root cause.



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