Hang at service startup -- disabling projects without a GUI?

We recently branched a number of our projects, which is done via copying the project and then some tweaking of the resulting project-config.xml files.  The web service was subsequently shut down (for server maintenance) and now will not restart.

Well -- the service starts, but the main TeamCity webpage perpetually displays a "TeamCity server is starting up....This page will be reloaded automatically as soon as TeamCity is ready." message.

I was speaking to a colleague, who mentioned that he saw this behavior in a similar situation when there was a typo/bug of some sort in a project-config.xml file he'd editted.  TeamCity apparently worked fine until the whole web service was restarted, at which point he saw this hang-on-restart behavior.  For him, it was easy to fix the one project-config.xml file and restart the service. Since a whole set of project-config.xml files was recently changed, it seems that this could be a likely culprit.

For our current case, there are a number of project-config.xml files that were changed, so it would be nice to know which is causing the problem.

1) I haven't found any logs that indicate why the restart process is hanging.  I've found the logs in the main teamcity directory, but they all seem to claim that everything has started.  Is there someplace specific I can look for startup logging information?

2) If there's a way to do so, I could temporarily remove the new build projects, so as to get TeamCity up and running again.  Then I could go through re-instating the projects one-by-one until I find the one with a problem.  Is there a way to temporarily disable the projects (without using the GUI, of course -- since it won't start).  I'm hoping there's something along the lines of "just move the project config directories to a location outside of the teamcity directories", but I wonder if there aren't references to these directories elsewhere, such that removing them will cause problems.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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Immediate update -- rebooting the whole server cleared everything up, so apparently the project-config.xml files aren't a problem.  I'm still curious as to where the best place to diagnose a hanging restart would be.


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Hi Phil

TeamCity server stores all the logs inside \logs\ directory, so the errors should be there.
Let me know if you find any details.



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