email notifications on success for responsible committers only for targetted projects

I can't see how I can configure notifications such that just the people responsible for the commit will get an (email) notification if they made a change, whether the build failed or succeeded. We need this for just one particular build in one project.. How can I set this up? I am the administrator and want to configure this as a global setting, that is for the 'All Users' group.

It seems like there should be something similar to the:

The build fails
    Ignore failures not caused by my changes

such that we have a new option:

The build is successful
     Ignore successes not caused by my changes

so that selecting 'Ignore successes not caused by my changes' filters out success notifications unless the user made a change that is responsible for the build. And this can be configured on a per build basis ... I note that the 'Ignore failures not caused by my changes' is currently greyed out on a per build basis, I don't understand why.

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