Create one email notification on several builds

We have several build configurations.
There is one, which depends on other and deploy all artifacts of previous builds (if there are no errors and all dependencies have been resolved).
This build configuration sends notifications to testers, etc.
How can I add changes of other builds to this notification?

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It's not supported directly yet, you can vote for TW-3883.
Here is a possible workaround:


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To resolve the problem above I have written in build_successful.ftl

<#list project.buildTypes as bt>
     ${bt.lastChangesStartedBuild.getBuildNumber() }
     <#list bt.lastChangesStartedBuild.revisions as rev>    

So I can access all build numbers and roots of all build configurations I need.
Can you help me to access last comments of every build configuration?
If it is possible - problem will be solved.


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