Export build step output to a different location

just wondering if there is a way to export xml files that are generated by nunit, dotCover and fxCop to a different location. The raw xml result instead of the HTML report.

or if there is a way to disable the auto generating of the html report


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You can find the reports in build artifacts.
For FXCop it's fxcop-result.xml
dotCover report is hidden but can be downloaded at .teamcity/.NETCoverage/CoverageReport.xml

With NUnit it's not so easy. If you start tests in separate NUnit build step or by MSBuild task, then test results are reported on the fly, and XML report is not generated.
To create it, you would need to launch the tests usning nunit-console, and configure TeamCity to import results either by XML Report Processing (easier to configure) or with Addin for NUnit (provides real-time reporting).


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I would like to get the code coverage results so I can update the teamcity-info.xml with the coverage percentage.

How can I get access to the coverage.zip file before exiting the build steps?

Or can you elaborate on how you access using .teamcity/.NETCoverage/CoverageReport.xml?




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