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I'm trying to set up a build and test step using the command line build runner is this possible? I esentially want team city to know the difference between a 'build' process and 'test' process.

To build and test my projcet I have two different executables I need to run via the command line, one to build the project and one to test it.

At the moment I've set up a "build" step that executes the "build" executable, but I am unsure how to tell TC the second exe is just a "test" exacutable. I esentially want TC to know that the second command line execution is just a 'test' and if the "at least one test failed" is uncheched the build does not fail.

I hope what I wrote makes sense :)

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We support popular testing frameworks like NUnit or JUnit out of the box, but custom testing executable should report test results to TeamCity by service messages.


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