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I'm using Teamcity 5.1.3.  I believe the server is hosted within a 32bit jvm over which I have no control.  I have installed an agent and need to agent to use a 64bit version of the JVM.
I have changed a number of settings on both the ant run configuration and in the agent properties but can't get it to use the 64bit installed on the machine the agent is installed on.  Is this possible?  Can someone please tell me the setting to change to ensure the agent runs within the 64bit version of Java.  I noticed the windows wrapper appears to be a 32bit version and using procexplorer can see it launches two child java processes, both of which are 32 bit

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in wrapper.conf found under the launcher dir of your agent:

wrapper.java.command=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java

Change that path to the path of the 64-bit JRE install, restart your service.


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