No suitable agents for Visual Studio (sln) or MSBuild


I have a brand new box which has Visual Studio 2010 installed. Yesterday I installed TeamCity web and agent services.

The website works fine and I don't see any issues with the agent.

I created a small hello world Visual Studio 2010 solution to test it on the server.

I have tried different settings etc but I get the issue "No Suitable Agents". This applies to both Visual Studio(sln) and MSBuild.

In the Agent Requirements page for the project I see the following in the Incompatible Agents Column


Incompatible runner: MSBuild
Unmet requirements:
  • DotNetFramework4.0_x86 exists

Any ideas? I would really appreciate some help.



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Please send me teamcity-agent.log and upgrade.log files by email, we want to find out root cause of this issue.

As workaround you can reinstall agent components as described in this thread.



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