Custom column/filter field in Tests tab?

Hi JetBrains and community,

We have built a custom nunit runner that can distribute test fixtures across many hosts. The end result is that all the result xml files are placed in a results directory where the teamcity nunit watcher parses them. Nunit has a HostName attribute in the result xml which signifies which host ran the test. I would like to be able to see which host ran what tests.

Is there a way in TeamCity to customize the Tests results grid so I could filter/Group by HostName?

I could merge all the xmls myself and run an xsl transform, but wanted to know how difficult if possible it would be to get this value visible?

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Hello, John,

We actually don't support custom filters for Test results.
Probably you could perform xsl transformation which changed name="name" into name="" for each of the root <test-suite> tags.
This may unfortunatelly deactivate "Open in IDE" action and affect test history.


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