Get artifacts via TeamCity's WebService


We would like to implement the following scenario, write a small .exe that will:

  1. Connect to TeamCity web service and get the latest successful build number and detect if there are pending changes, just a bool flag, of a specific build configuration
  2. Get a specific artifact, by its file name to a specific local folder

Is it possible to achieve? If yes, please guide me through the appropriate API/web service commands.

PS: it will be a .NET application.

Best Regards,

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There are two .NET APIs available under the Remote APIs category on the plugins page:

We created a tool like that for use in our office.  We used Sharp2City for ours, I'm not sure if you can check for pending changes or not via it.  We didn't need that functionality in our tool so I didn't bother to check.

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Thank you, Sharp2City works great. We chosed this one.


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