Wasn't there a Run button in My Changes?

One of my users, who apparently hadn't been back to Teamcity for a while, said that there was formerly a Run(...) button in the My Changes page, so you could easily rerun a build that had failed tests.  Was that removed at some point (and if so, why), or is she mistaken?  We're using TC 6.5.2.  Thanks!

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Hello Mark,

   We've reworked the My Changes page in TeamCity 6.0, and it doesn't include run button.

   To rerun a build, you can press the "Run" button in the toolbar from the build page itself.
   Or you can do this from the build configuration page.

   If you really need Rerun the build from the My Changes page, please file an issue in our tracker and give your rationale.

   Kind regards,


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