Snapshot dependency new build calculation for dependencies in different SCM repository.

I'm having a difficult time figuring out why we seem to have a build triggering loop that causes our job queue to fill up rapidly.  I'm examining our dependency settings.  I'm curious about how TeamCity resolves whether a snapshot dependency is from the same revision if that dependency is in a different SCM (Subversion) repository with completely separate revision number.  It seems like we have high level dependency builds that are constantly being added to the queue even though they have simple triggers that shouldn't be activated.  In these cases we do have dependent projects in different repositories referencing these builds as snapshot dependencies.

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Hello Leon,

  To find out root cause of the problem we need more details about your build configurations:

  - how do the depend each on another (snapshot dependencies options)
  - which Build Triggers are configured for each build configuration (with setting details)

  Also, we'll need the evidence of the problem (build queue state, build history details).


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Different VCS roots doesn't appear to be the cause.  I've described an example here:


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