Trigger a script after a Maven build?


I have a Maven2 build configured on TC 6.5.x and everything is working fine.  The snapshot artifact gets deployed to my Nexus repository as expected.  

However, I have just been handed a requirement to ensure that the snapshot that is just built also gets copied (scp) to another server which does not have access to the Nexus repo.

Is there anyway in TC 6.5.x that I can trigger a script to run once a build is complete?  I do not see anything in the options, so I wasn't sure if something like that was feasible or not.



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Hi Eric

A build configuration in TeamCity can consist of multiple build steps.
The simpliest way is to copy these files as in last step of your build.

We also have a feature request TW-1558 to support external publishing out of the box, you can vote for it.



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